Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Have you ever felt that all of your life, you’ve been told to walk that way, talk that way, laugh that way? Like there is only one way to do things so everything could be even. Well, there may be only one way, but make sure it’s your way. Cut out all the stupid rules which keep you small and make a change, like I did. Cut your skirts. Be Uneven.
The red one? Ok, red, the colour of passion, sticks out whenever… Still, it fitted too well into the classic red skirt type. The striped one? Great shape, too long not to look like a housewife in the '50s. As to the orange skirt, I made it from scratch, manually, to complete this whole uneven extravaganza.
Plus, they feel great while dancing. I do a lot of salsa dancing, and although they don't help me keep my balance when spinning, I do feel lighter, like a little girl pretending she's a princess. I added some spinning-skirt photos so you can see what I'm talking about.

Enjoy yourself,
Andreea Hash :)

Special thanks to:
Andreea Jicman, great friend and photographer
Felix Crainicu, Oportunidad Escuela de Baile 

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