Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a HIPSY...

...are you coming with me?/ I might steal your clothes and make some new out of them:)))

         Hippie and Gipsy are among my top favourite styles. They inspire me with freedom, colour, joy, passion, optimism, LIFE.  Every time I go to a carnival or to a costume party, I avoid cartoon or movie characters, I simply dress like a hipsy. Slightly curled hair, headband, flower skirt or dress, and this is where the outfit begins. 

         Plus, it's so easy to compose such a look, and if improvisation is among your best friends, you can ask for his help:D This time, I added the vest to add a little of a masculin touch;)

Headband- made by AndreeaHash (check more HERE ), earrings- Six, ring- made by Andreea Hash, dress- Glow, vest- thrifted( modified by Andreea Hash), sandals- Botinelli, bag- vintage.
This time, only the headband and ring( piece of fabric + old earring) are made by me, the vest is only modified, I 'shrank' it by sewing. As to the bag, I used to carry my sandwich in it at kindergarten, so it's sweetly vintage, bought by my dad 15 years ago:D; you may also see it in my First post on Fire .
 Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
 Keep on Fire,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm YEEN ♥

            Happy Saturday, lovely readers!!! I'm YEEN love with summer nights, that is why I'll start my post with such a photo. When I first saw these two pieces (top + skirt) in the mirror, I thought they went so well together!! Besides the colours, the 'shoulderless' top gets such a 50's touch combined with the rumpled skirt, it makes me feel so feminine and flirty. The gorgeous blue of my earrings happily completes the other two colours in a sweet summer look. I chose to keep the outfit relaxed, so I gave up high heels and wore this pair of flat sandals from Botinelli.

P.S. In case you wonder, YEEN= Yellow + grEEN :D

The details of the blouse were attached by me, you already know it from the Yell, Yell, Yellow! post. The skirt was originally MUCH larger and longer. I took in the waist (you can see I love highlighting the waist, and thus, my hourglass figure), shortened it, and added a maxi hem I have seen on no skirt before. Until I see one, this is the 'Hash Hem' :D.

Here we go again with handmade accessories. I must admit that in the earrings' case, all I did was to attach the metal hangers, the flower shapes were exactly as you see them. The rings, however, were made following my favourite recipe: take a piece of fabric, sew it around your finger, and then attach a button or a heart:)
As I also wrote in my Red Ready! post, the purse used to be a larger bag, but after I cut it, I instantly feel YEEN love with the current shape.
Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
 Keep on Fire, 
Andreea Hash

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hashy Birthday!!!!

         Yesterday was my lovely birthday:X Time went by so quickly, that I'm so looking forward to next year's August 13th :D. I spent the first hours of the day with my family, and working on the last details of my dress. Yes, I made myself a present- a dress to wear on my birthday, you can see it below. In the evening, I went out with some of my friends who were in town at the time. Therefore, I dedicate this post to these guys I love so much, and to all of those who wrote so many sweet wishes on my Facebook wall. Cheers!
Dress- made by Andreea Hash, shoes- Deichmann, purse- Greek store, ring- made by Andreea Hash

Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Ready!

         INTENSE. This is the word of the day. Why? Because if there is something I love in every person, thought or feeling, that is intensity. That quelque-chose which makes them special and unique. The opposite of intense is boring. To me, boring is one of the worst feelings one could experiment. Excitment, anger, thrill, fright, they may be violent, but never boring. We may also call it passion. Yes, I like this word as well. Intensity and Passion. On Fire!!!
The little heart is actually a brooch made by me, that I attached to the headband, also made by me, as well as the bracelet, rings and purse. The latter used to be a larger bag, but I cut it, addea a zipper, and turned it into a purse:) 
As to the skirt, it was larger when I bought it, but I loved its curvy shape, so I took in the waist following the original line of the skirt.
This is a vintage blouse (mom's closet again, like HERE). I cut the sleeves a few years ago, God knows why, and they have been missing ever since. When I finally decided to wear this beautiful blouse, I attached new sleeves, from another shirt I bought a few weeks ago.

Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash

Monday, August 1, 2011

Smells like green spirit

This is a Green post. And it is dedicated to my dear volunteer-mate from Save the Children, Silvia Pometcu, who celebrated her sweet anniversary yesterday, and whose favourite colour is green:d. Happy Breenday, Silvia!!

       As to what green means to me, I would say freshness, youth, and new beginnings. It is said that green comes from the verb "to grow", and is associated with freshmen, who are facing the first steps of experiencing. Although this is already my 8th post, with every piece of clothing I create, and with every outfit I show here, I feel I'm starting over, thus gaining more and more courage to bring my ideas out. I intend to explore my creativity, to play with vibrant colours, and evolve together with my Fire blog.

I made this skirt from a huge jacket I found in a SH store. I fell in love with its colour from the second I saw it, and decided I had to make something out of it. As a matter of fact, when I buy clothes, I'm not looking for those that fit me, but for those which inspire me to create (a) new piece(s).
But all of a sudden, it turned out the skirt was too short:)) And since the fabric is rather rough, you can imagine its length over my curvy derriere:P. So I attached a piece from a fabric I used to make a bag, I will soon post it here:D.
I apologise for the messy hair, but the wind decided to keep me company, and if I had told him to leave, I would have hurt his feelings:D
Headband- made by AndreeaHash (see more HERE), earrings- Accessorize, blouse- SH, skirt- made by Andreea Hash, purse- Greek store, ring- made by Andreea Hash, shoes- Deichmann.
Ladies and gents, see you soon and
Keep on Fire, 
Andreea Hash