Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a HIPSY...

...are you coming with me?/ I might steal your clothes and make some new out of them:)))

         Hippie and Gipsy are among my top favourite styles. They inspire me with freedom, colour, joy, passion, optimism, LIFE.  Every time I go to a carnival or to a costume party, I avoid cartoon or movie characters, I simply dress like a hipsy. Slightly curled hair, headband, flower skirt or dress, and this is where the outfit begins. 

         Plus, it's so easy to compose such a look, and if improvisation is among your best friends, you can ask for his help:D This time, I added the vest to add a little of a masculin touch;)

Headband- made by AndreeaHash (check more HERE ), earrings- Six, ring- made by Andreea Hash, dress- Glow, vest- thrifted( modified by Andreea Hash), sandals- Botinelli, bag- vintage.
This time, only the headband and ring( piece of fabric + old earring) are made by me, the vest is only modified, I 'shrank' it by sewing. As to the bag, I used to carry my sandwich in it at kindergarten, so it's sweetly vintage, bought by my dad 15 years ago:D; you may also see it in my First post on Fire .
 Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
 Keep on Fire,


  1. great hippie inspired outfit :)

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)

  2. Hello :) Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog (I have replied on the post) and for following me, it means so much to me :) Your comment made me smile and your blog has made my smile even greater - you seem so happy and optimistic, if only everyone were like you!! I loved your previous post about being yeen, it was genious! your outfit here is stunning, i love the pattern on your skirt :) the flower headband looks gorgeous!
    I'm following you back :)
    Take care, <3 Holz oxo

  3. That so cool! I love your style!

    Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other :-)?

  4. I love the outfit especially the floweer, super cute! :)

  5. love floral!!

    This maxi is so pretty!!!

  6. Love the skirt! Nice hairband.

    Heel in Mint

  7. love the floral outfit ! very lovely

  8. Nice Skirt, nice Blog

    Love S.

    Check out our blog ;)

  9. I like your headband and all of your collections are inspired me!! :D

  10. Thanks dear!! I follow you too. xoxo

  11. Lovely outfit! I love that shirt and your earrings are really pretty! :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

  12. Thanks a lot for your comment! Lauren Conrad has got a lot of hairstyles that are simple, but on the other had chique and wearable! Absolute great!