Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Ready!

         INTENSE. This is the word of the day. Why? Because if there is something I love in every person, thought or feeling, that is intensity. That quelque-chose which makes them special and unique. The opposite of intense is boring. To me, boring is one of the worst feelings one could experiment. Excitment, anger, thrill, fright, they may be violent, but never boring. We may also call it passion. Yes, I like this word as well. Intensity and Passion. On Fire!!!
The little heart is actually a brooch made by me, that I attached to the headband, also made by me, as well as the bracelet, rings and purse. The latter used to be a larger bag, but I cut it, addea a zipper, and turned it into a purse:) 
As to the skirt, it was larger when I bought it, but I loved its curvy shape, so I took in the waist following the original line of the skirt.
This is a vintage blouse (mom's closet again, like HERE). I cut the sleeves a few years ago, God knows why, and they have been missing ever since. When I finally decided to wear this beautiful blouse, I attached new sleeves, from another shirt I bought a few weeks ago.

Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash


  1. This is lovely, the shoes and the purse are gorg! lol about boredom and

  2. I love the blouse! The shape is so fresh and cute! And the red skirt is so feminine! love it! xo -Taj

  3. Great outfit =)

  4. wooo! thank u for lovely comment! your blog is pretty too! x

  5. This shirt looks damn good! + great heels!

  6. You look so pretty!
    I love your skirt!!

  7. Cute outfit, love how you added the flutter sleeves. so creative ;)


  8. you actually diy'd those sleeves back on?

    Thanks for visiting & commenting on BLEURGH

  9. Just got your sweet comment. Thanks so much,put a smile on my face,it was so lovely :)

    Your posts are all so gorgeous.Your so talented.
    Its always alot more rewarding to make stuff,isnt it!

  10. very cute and girly outfit!! I like the mix of white and fushia!