Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freezy Teasy

My best friend knows me so well. She made me aware of the fact that I'm stubborn in an awkard, but cute way- when I disagree with an idea, although someone explains it to me with solid arguments, my mind simply refuses to understand. For instance, winter stopped by lately. And it requires, as every year, appropriate clothes. But I like summer and spring clothes more, so I find it very difficult to wear winter clothes in my blog outfits. Otherwise, I do dress appropriately, don't believe that my mind lets me freeze all the time:))

Anyway, my mom is cool, that she doesn't care when people stare at me while taking pictures 'naked', as she says, during this time of the year. She helped me with this photoshoot, and I'm so grateful to her. She even understands my passion of walking on the streets at 0 degrees or less, which makes her even more awesome.
 The green hat was knitted by me- as you can see, I used it to keep the spirit of winter  :)) The white top has a waist craft that I love, unfortunately you cannot see it it these pictures. What I added, or better said, what I took away, was the current 'shoulderless' part; I simply felt the need of a Hash touch. The skirt has a front zipper, and I hadthe idea of a curly hem which took me so many hours to sew, but I love the result, so it was worth it. As to the purse, you already know it from the Fountain of Proof post.

 Hat, skirt and purse- AndreeaHash, top- vintage/own closet (recrafted by AndreeaH), tights- New Look, shoes- Deichmann
Stay warm and shiny,


  1. Love the beanie and the tights!!

  2. Beautiful outfit, great colors =)

  3. It doesnt look that cold. You look super cute!

  4. You have a great mum ! nice outfit !!

  5. I love your hat and tights. The scalloped detail on your skirt is seriously super cute.

  6. cool outfit!