Thursday, June 30, 2011

First post on fire

             I finally have a blog!!:D I think of it as a new beginning, a challenge to my creativity, and a new activity added to my full summer:) Looking forward to bringing color, joy and smiles on your shining faces, and wish you the sexiest summer so far!
       These photos were taken by my best friend, Alexa, and I want to dedicate this post to her :D. The blouse I’m wearing is from my mom’s wardrobe, and it has become mine lately ;;). She used to wear it rarely (it’s a shame if you ask me), so it’s like new. The skirt is 100% made by me, from a cute blue fabric attached to a (former) tie. And the bag also has a story: my dad bought it for me when I was 6, and I used it to carry my sandwich and apple to kindergarten:). Waiting for your opinions!!!

This is the skirt, it ressembles to a tulip, and it's handmade. It's made out of two identical pieces, which overlap 80%, except for the margins. The initial draft of the pieces was half a circle, whose round part was draped and attached to the tie I bought from a vintage store. After 3 days of hard work, this is what I got!:)

Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash


  1. OMG honey!!!! The coloring is just a PERFECTION!! Love the top and this gorges skirt!! You look so pretty!! :***

    Btw thank you soooooo much for such a LOVELY comment dear :****

  2. U are amazing! i love your blog already.. you will go far with your creativity. now following :)