Friday, July 1, 2011

Chaotic, but meticulous :)

                 That's right. If you could only see my room...and hear my mom yelling at me, "For God's sake, girl, you'll soon be buried under all these bras, needles, clothes, clothes and pieces of clothes!" "What can I do, mom? It's in my blood :)". I know she pities the poor guy who'll marry me; I do too. :P 
                 But still, what you can see in all that turmoil is dedication. I rarely bother for things not worthing, but in my mess, those pieces I sew until my fingers hurt get all my attention and love. And patience, which I do not normally own.

Earrings- Moa; Blouse- partially made by me; Skirt- Vintage; Purse- Made by me; Shoes- Deichmann
This is a purse I created myself, by hand, and the first time I wore it was at my highschool prom, together with a dress made as well by my lovely hands (I'll soon post pictures of it). I did it on the very day of the prom, between make-up products and curl iron- you can imagine the mess of those hours.

Ladies, my second post ends here. See you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash


  1. liking the maxi skirt a LOT x


  2. Ma faci sa-mi doresc sa fac si eu lucruri :) Nu credeam ca va veni ziua :) Love, Catalina V