Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It happened one afternoon....

                   Today has been a full day. Shopping, photos, shopping, luggage, luggage, photos, luggage. And luggage. Tomorrow I'm going on a super-trip organized by Save the Children, where I spend my free time as a volunteer. I will moderate some groups os children on themes such as Children's Rights, together with other colleagues, and we'll have some huge amount of fun in workshops on themes such as origami, face-painting, communication, teambuilding, sporting competitions, parties etc.
             Therefore, I am dedicating this post to three young ladies in the 7th grade, who are my dearest fans and who are also coming on this trip. They are Mihaela, Teo and Denisa:) 

P:S: Mihaela already made me promise I would create her prom dress. There is also a long list of highschool classmates, who all asked me in my yearbook to make their wedding dresses. With all my love dears, but please make sure you won't marry in the same weekend!! >:D<

I made this bag myself, I love the colours and the fact that all the sewing "evidence" can be clearly seen. The ring below is made from a small piece of what used to be a pair of jeans, and a sweet button:)

       I love this type of hairstyle, even more when I cannot see the back of my head during the operation:)))
I was not yawning!!!!
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,


  1. Oh Dear!!! I'm adornig the skirt and bag!!! You look so great!! <3

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  3. I loved everything about this post, Andreea. You are an inspiration to me :) Catalina