Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headbands' reunion:)))

         My headbands are on Fire!!! They're all on vacation these days, so they asked me to help them a bit with their social life. So here they are, having a special appearance on my blog, enjoying a delicious imaginary cocktail and gossiping about my next outfits. (Which will come out in a couple of days). 

P.S.: Aim of the post below the photos
       What you can see in the next two photos was made by simply sewing some pieces of orange fabric, and BAM! A summerish headband was born. 
Yes, there's a dress below, I did not sacrifice it if that's what you think:)). I simply took it up, as it was too long, and decided to use wisely what was left of it:D. In a few days, you'll see the dress entirely;)
This bow may seem gigantic, but it's not:)) OK, maybe it is, but I can deal with people staring at me in the bus.

        This orange sweetie that follows is so easy to make: you take three ribbons, you plait them, like you would do with your hair, and in 2.50 minutes, you get a new accessory made by you!
         Back to ribbons, only thinner this time. I had no clear strategy of applying them on that fabric, I just folded them as my hands moved and as my eyes approved ;;).
      This time, we are talking about a sacrifice, the sacrifice of a silk shirt. The result was double: the scarf from a previus post, and a headband. I absolutely love this colour, and I still have some fabric left, so the result might actually still multiply:))
         Another gigantic thing on my head, you'll see that on Saturday. The white flower used to be a square taken from an old shirt, and I simply sewed the margins and curled up the thread. Then, I attached that small blue flower whose material I love, I even have a couple of earrings made of it.

       To sum up, I posted some of the headbands I made during the past days to encourage all of you to use your creativity and DIY. It's easy, fun, and it's summer! What do you say, will you give it a try? 
   Waiting for your answers!! See you soon and 
  Keep on Fire,


  1. You my Darling are soo Talented. Keep up the great work Dear

  2. Bonjour Andréa, merci pour ton très gentil commentaire. Je suis très touché que tu aimes mon style.
    C'est toi qui as fait tous ces accessoires ? Tu es très talentueuse, ils sont très jolie et très bien fait :)
    Bonne continuation, je te suis de près ;)