Saturday, July 2, 2011

Joder, tio, que listo eres tu...!

             Ok, there was this guy who considered himself the smartest man the world had ever seen. "Am I the brightest guy you've ever met or what?" "Yeah, baby, whatever...:8". And one night in July, I repeat, JULY, we were walking down the street, and he told me, "OMG, it's so hot in here!!"..."Joder, tio, que listo eres tu...!" (Damn, boy, you're so smart...!". 
            You wish...>:P

T-shirt- Vintage; Scarf- Made by Me; Bag- Made by Me; Shoes- Deichmann

The scarf is 100% silk, and I made it out of a few pieces from a shirt which was sacrificed for the sake of my neck. There are three pieces sewn together very carefully by my lovely hands, as silk is such a smooth and precious fabric. And I can tell you, my neck is so happy!!:X
This envelope bag is again my creation. You can find a 2-pieces magnet inside of it, connecting the removable part with the interior, sewn in a very complicated manner inside the "walls" of my bag. It also has a blue zipper   
I will show you in another post. The chain acting as a strap used to be a single guy, but his status changed once I attached him this cute bow I made myself.  P.S: He thinks I brought Miss Bow to keep him company, but she is actually meant to protect my shoulder:). Please keep the secret!! :P
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash


  1. Love the scarf dear!!! And the cute shoes, you look so pretty!! :))

  2. Love your shoes!
    P.S. poate ne intalnim prin oras! Ha ha ha
    Kisses from pepa:X