Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fountain of Proof

They are always asking for the Proof. The Proof of your love, your loyalty, your intelligence, your generosity, your self. Want the Proof? Have it! (below)

Today is the beginning of my season. The Leo season :X. I can hear some of my friends "Stop driving me crazy with your zodiac, horoscope, astrology or whatever!!" But my dear Duda, who's a Gemini, and has the same life path number as me, perfectly understands my passion. Therefore, I dedicate this post to you, Duda >:D< Love you:* 

 I found such an inspiring place yesterday, and I decided I must take some photos for my blog. It has everything I need and love: SUN and WATER. The perfect image of summer, holiday, and glitter.

 And as I promised in my previous post, the gigantic bow is kindly flattering my hair. In Romania, we call it pampon. =))

Headband- Made by Me (see previous post); earrings-Six (modified by me); Skirt- Zodiac (modified by me), Purse- Made by Me,  Sandals- Botinelli

:))) The proof that I cut this dress and made it shorter in front, and now it's a fresh flirty skirt I adore.
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash


  1. thanks for following me! i followed you back! the pictures are gorgeous! :)) :**

  2. I love you too >:D<
    It's goin'2 be an on fire season 'cuz it's leo time.
    Hugs and lots of kisses>:D<

  3. Oh thank you sweetie!!! :*** You look stunning and I adore the headband :)))
    The post you asked for is here :)

  4. looove the skirt! especially the assymetrical hem!
    jewelry giveaway!

  5. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
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  6. hi!! i like this post so much!! thanks for following me :), i follow you back!!! XOXO

  7. Cute skirt!!! Love the florals! Great blog!! :)

  8. Love this outfit of yours! You don't have to prove anything to anyone, love your skirt!!! <3

  9. Hi!!

    I really love your blog and your amazing style.
    I follow you :) !!
    ...maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too
    (I hope you like it) ;)
    kisses from México city!

  10. Consider you and your photographer hired for life :) I love your work!