Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yell, Yell, Yellow!

           Yell, scream, sing it out loud!! This life is all about YOU. We are also known as individuals. Therefore, find your individuality, the inner you, create your life as you wish! Waiting for others' cheers and praise may comfort you for a moment; if you go deeper in your heart, they become useless. Be comfortable with yourself, shine with your own shining, be genuine! Say, think, "I am special",  feel it with all your heart!  
           I dedicate this post to all of you who celebrate yourselves in each and every moment. Cheers! :D

As you may see, my outfit is mainly "jeansy":)). This lovely bag is also my creation;;). Its body used to be a denim skirt, and the two ruffles are parts of  a former pair of jeans. The middle was once the upper part of another pair of jeans, while the strap is composed out of three plaited denim pieces. 
* The fabric called "denim" comes from France, from the city of Nîmes (de Nîmes). Its blue dying resulted into blue "jeans", and the term comes from Gênes, the French for Genoa (Italy), were the jeans was born.

 These shorts are brand new, I bought the jeans a few days ago from a second-hand shop. Summer may not be short, but it definitely is all about shorts! So I took in the waist (they are size 40:)), took them up and applied a smooth sewing.
I made the ring as well, you will see a Rings' Reunion soon on my blog, with more details. The details of the top were attached by me a few years ago, so we can include it in Vintage Made by Me :D
Silk Scarf- a store nearby; shorts- SH (modified by Me); bag- made by Me; sandals- Botinelli.

As I know there are also guys who read my posts, I will say,
Ladies and Gents, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fountain of Proof

They are always asking for the Proof. The Proof of your love, your loyalty, your intelligence, your generosity, your self. Want the Proof? Have it! (below)

Today is the beginning of my season. The Leo season :X. I can hear some of my friends "Stop driving me crazy with your zodiac, horoscope, astrology or whatever!!" But my dear Duda, who's a Gemini, and has the same life path number as me, perfectly understands my passion. Therefore, I dedicate this post to you, Duda >:D< Love you:* 

 I found such an inspiring place yesterday, and I decided I must take some photos for my blog. It has everything I need and love: SUN and WATER. The perfect image of summer, holiday, and glitter.

 And as I promised in my previous post, the gigantic bow is kindly flattering my hair. In Romania, we call it pampon. =))

Headband- Made by Me (see previous post); earrings-Six (modified by me); Skirt- Zodiac (modified by me), Purse- Made by Me,  Sandals- Botinelli

:))) The proof that I cut this dress and made it shorter in front, and now it's a fresh flirty skirt I adore.
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headbands' reunion:)))

         My headbands are on Fire!!! They're all on vacation these days, so they asked me to help them a bit with their social life. So here they are, having a special appearance on my blog, enjoying a delicious imaginary cocktail and gossiping about my next outfits. (Which will come out in a couple of days). 

P.S.: Aim of the post below the photos
       What you can see in the next two photos was made by simply sewing some pieces of orange fabric, and BAM! A summerish headband was born. 
Yes, there's a dress below, I did not sacrifice it if that's what you think:)). I simply took it up, as it was too long, and decided to use wisely what was left of it:D. In a few days, you'll see the dress entirely;)
This bow may seem gigantic, but it's not:)) OK, maybe it is, but I can deal with people staring at me in the bus.

        This orange sweetie that follows is so easy to make: you take three ribbons, you plait them, like you would do with your hair, and in 2.50 minutes, you get a new accessory made by you!
         Back to ribbons, only thinner this time. I had no clear strategy of applying them on that fabric, I just folded them as my hands moved and as my eyes approved ;;).
      This time, we are talking about a sacrifice, the sacrifice of a silk shirt. The result was double: the scarf from a previus post, and a headband. I absolutely love this colour, and I still have some fabric left, so the result might actually still multiply:))
         Another gigantic thing on my head, you'll see that on Saturday. The white flower used to be a square taken from an old shirt, and I simply sewed the margins and curled up the thread. Then, I attached that small blue flower whose material I love, I even have a couple of earrings made of it.

       To sum up, I posted some of the headbands I made during the past days to encourage all of you to use your creativity and DIY. It's easy, fun, and it's summer! What do you say, will you give it a try? 
   Waiting for your answers!! See you soon and 
  Keep on Fire,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It happened one afternoon....

                   Today has been a full day. Shopping, photos, shopping, luggage, luggage, photos, luggage. And luggage. Tomorrow I'm going on a super-trip organized by Save the Children, where I spend my free time as a volunteer. I will moderate some groups os children on themes such as Children's Rights, together with other colleagues, and we'll have some huge amount of fun in workshops on themes such as origami, face-painting, communication, teambuilding, sporting competitions, parties etc.
             Therefore, I am dedicating this post to three young ladies in the 7th grade, who are my dearest fans and who are also coming on this trip. They are Mihaela, Teo and Denisa:) 

P:S: Mihaela already made me promise I would create her prom dress. There is also a long list of highschool classmates, who all asked me in my yearbook to make their wedding dresses. With all my love dears, but please make sure you won't marry in the same weekend!! >:D<

I made this bag myself, I love the colours and the fact that all the sewing "evidence" can be clearly seen. The ring below is made from a small piece of what used to be a pair of jeans, and a sweet button:)

       I love this type of hairstyle, even more when I cannot see the back of my head during the operation:)))
I was not yawning!!!!
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Joder, tio, que listo eres tu...!

             Ok, there was this guy who considered himself the smartest man the world had ever seen. "Am I the brightest guy you've ever met or what?" "Yeah, baby, whatever...:8". And one night in July, I repeat, JULY, we were walking down the street, and he told me, "OMG, it's so hot in here!!"..."Joder, tio, que listo eres tu...!" (Damn, boy, you're so smart...!". 
            You wish...>:P

T-shirt- Vintage; Scarf- Made by Me; Bag- Made by Me; Shoes- Deichmann

The scarf is 100% silk, and I made it out of a few pieces from a shirt which was sacrificed for the sake of my neck. There are three pieces sewn together very carefully by my lovely hands, as silk is such a smooth and precious fabric. And I can tell you, my neck is so happy!!:X
This envelope bag is again my creation. You can find a 2-pieces magnet inside of it, connecting the removable part with the interior, sewn in a very complicated manner inside the "walls" of my bag. It also has a blue zipper   
I will show you in another post. The chain acting as a strap used to be a single guy, but his status changed once I attached him this cute bow I made myself.  P.S: He thinks I brought Miss Bow to keep him company, but she is actually meant to protect my shoulder:). Please keep the secret!! :P
Ladies, see you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chaotic, but meticulous :)

                 That's right. If you could only see my room...and hear my mom yelling at me, "For God's sake, girl, you'll soon be buried under all these bras, needles, clothes, clothes and pieces of clothes!" "What can I do, mom? It's in my blood :)". I know she pities the poor guy who'll marry me; I do too. :P 
                 But still, what you can see in all that turmoil is dedication. I rarely bother for things not worthing, but in my mess, those pieces I sew until my fingers hurt get all my attention and love. And patience, which I do not normally own.

Earrings- Moa; Blouse- partially made by me; Skirt- Vintage; Purse- Made by me; Shoes- Deichmann
This is a purse I created myself, by hand, and the first time I wore it was at my highschool prom, together with a dress made as well by my lovely hands (I'll soon post pictures of it). I did it on the very day of the prom, between make-up products and curl iron- you can imagine the mess of those hours.

Ladies, my second post ends here. See you soon and
Keep on Fire,
Andreea Hash